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Services Offered

Therapy can be a place to examine the lovely and complex tapestry of your past and present experiences, your hopes and fears, and the beliefs that may impact your ability to live a more rewarding life.


In successfully meeting life’s challenges, you can experience a greater sense of safety and serenity in this complex and sometimes uncertain world.  


My Specialties Include:


  • Depression

  • Anxiety, worry, and stress

  • Panic attacks and phobias

  • Mood swings and bipolar disorder

  • Life transitions

  • Recovery from crises

  • Relationship and family issues, divorce, or separation

  • Isolation, loneliness, or a lack of intimacy

  • Work, career, and academic issues

  • Excessive self-criticism, perfectionism, procrastination, or creative blocks

  • Feelings of being stuck or difficulties with making decisions

  • Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors

  • Grief, loss, and bereavement

  • Recent or past trauma and PTSD

  • Abuse issues (physical, sexual, emotional)

  • Use of alcohol, drugs, or other habitual patterns that interfere with fully engaging in life

  • Difficulties with sleep

  • Sexuality and gender identity

  • Community and domestic or intimate partner violence

  • A history of war or incarceration

  • Stressors related to immigration and legal status

  • The impact of societal factors like oppression and discrimination

  • Intergenerational and historical trauma

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